African National Congress: Legislature and Governance (EN)

Overview and Use Case

The ANC policy on legislature and governance commits the party to ensuring its candidates in office reflect the attributes of integrity and commitment to serving communities while in office, with an Accountability Framework being put in place to hold people accountable. The policy supports establishing an ANC Electoral Commission to ensure ANC public representatives undergo a transparent selection and improve the quality, integrity and sustainability of the selection and election of representatives. The policy further reinforces the macro-configuration of government where provincial and local governments are supported and powers and functions are harmonised within a framework of accountability of Provincial and Local Government. The policy supports legislatures as a critical instrument of fast tracking the transformation of society with its key role being to exercise oversight over the Executive, facilitate public involvement in its work, and pass legislation to transform society. The policy supports local government as the sphere of government closest to the people with the service delivery agenda of local government being key to achieving a better life for all communities. The policy also deals with traditional leadership, demarcation of boundaries and job creation and community works programmes. The policy also deals with the need to fight corruption in the state and broader society.

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South Africa
African National Congress
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