African National Congress: Communications and the Battle of Ideas (EN)

Overview and Use Case

The battle of ideas is the struggle over ideas and a struggle for the progressive production and dissemination of ideas, including the media, the educational and training system, the policy apparatus within the state, and a wide range of cultural and faith based institutions and practices. The ANC resolution on communication and the battle of ideas focuses inter alia, on strategies and ideas on communication platforms, training on political communication for ANC structures and deployed cadres to be able to communicate ANC polices, principles and values. It encourages training of leaders on political communication, exercising the right to speak in a responsible manner, and coordinating engagement with media platforms. It addresses the high cost to communicate and the need to optimise Information Communication Technology (ICT) opportunities and devleopment of strategies and policies to respond to the new digitisation needs.

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South Africa
African National Congress
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