Supporting the fishing industry with practical subsidy programmes

Our fishermen, too, have benefited from successful delivery of our vision. We have provided 1,600 outboard motors, with an order placed for 3,000 more, and built 6 cold store facilities.

This will be followed by solar power refrigeration units, so that the “catch of the day” may last longer, allowing our fishermen more time to take advantage of the improved road network and reach more customers in outlying areas.

The fish processing plant we have built yields 100 metric tonnes per day, optimizing production yield and allowing for greater output.

Trawlers have been fitted with fish finders and tracking devices, using the latest technology to take fishing into the future.

We must not forget the roads we are building, the ports we are improving and the railways we are building – are all to support our industries, our farmers and our people – ensuring we can get your Product to your market and our people to you.

Whilst others talk about supporting the fishing industry – we are delivering!

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