Supporting farmers with practical subsidy programmes

Supporting our farmers

In 2016 alone, we’ve provided 60 million free cocoa seedlings to farmers with 50 million more planned, allowing them to take advantage of the increased regional demand. The cocoa price has seen significant increases to the producer in the last two years– a great advantage to our farmers and one which they are now well-placed to benefit from

Whilst others are talking about irrigating our farms we are already doing it!

Our Irrigation Development Program has seen an additional 1,600 hectares under irrigation, and since 2008 our efforts have produced an increase of 337,000 hectares under cultivation giving 8 million more metric tonnes of crops and 31 million additional livestock.

Our Fertilizer Subsidy Program, has provided 680,000 tonnes of subsidized fertilizer to farmers. We’ve increased storage facilities and access to essential machinery and services, through the provision of 22 additional agricultural mechanical service centres.

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