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Description: Facebook is an online social media tool that can be used to profile the party or individual leaders allowing for interaction with voters. 
Facebook Online social media tool that can be used to profile the party or individual leaders – allows for interaction with voters.

Facebook Analytics helps to analyse who is interacting with your Facebook page and website. Political parties use this app to create private networks to communicate and mobilise its voters.

Github used to involve the public in policy making and drawing up elections.

Google Analytics Helps collect information on who is visiting your website and to customise content for these visitors.

Hubdialer It allows a party to work with their volunteers to build home-based call centres.

Instagram App to share videos and pictures.

L2 Voter management and mapping app.

Loomio Allows members from different locations to discuss and debate issues.

Madison Tool for generating and discussing proposals and arriving at a decision through democratic decision making.

Mailchimp Helps build subscriber lists to target members and voters through emails.

Meetup Online tool that helps to facilitate offline meetings between groups of people. 

Metroquest Offers project and policy planning services.

Mumble Tool for virtual meetings

Oryggisventill Helps to create and run polls

Podio Project management tool

Publicstuff Tool to monitor citizens’ concerns and the response of government to these concerns.

Reddit Similar to an online newspaper with space for discussion and debate.

Signal Open source and secure messaging App.

Simply Voting Web based online voting system.

Slack A tool on organisation voter and internal communication.

Snapchat instant messaging tool used mainly by youth to share pictures and videos which disappear thereafter.

SurveyMonkey Online survey and polling tool.

Textizen Sends, receives, and analyses text messages .

Telegram Messenger Instant messaging app which is encrypted for individual and group messaging.

Trailblazer  Campaign software which helps to target specific voter groups by vote history, mobile canvassing and mapping.

Trello Tool to manage your workflow.

Twitter  Tool to reach voters instantly with core messages (tweets) and allows for discussion and debate.

WhatsApp  Secure instant messaging tool which allows for group and individual messaging.

Zilino Web-based solution for hosting online forums and participatory processes.

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