Gender-neutral rights for people who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community


Just as everyone is right

All people should have the right and freedom to express their love, sexuality and identity. We never give up from that. 

Equal rights for all should be a matter of course.

The environment party wants 

Anti-discrimination force 

Many LGBT people testify about discrimination, ignorance and poor treatment of care, school or other public bodies. We want to see strength in the discrimination against LGBTQ people. Work on the rights of LGBTQ persons, with special focus on the vulnerable situation of transgender persons, shall be intensively conducted at all levels.

Young LGBTQ people are entitled to free zones where they can be themselves, such as special meeting places or youth centers.

The Environment Party wants to introduce protection against hate and hatred for LGBTQ people in the EU. 

Better for star families

All children should have the same right to security, opportunities and respect, no matter what their family looks like. The heteronorm still prevails too often in family policy. We want to adjust family policy to make it more gender neutral. Among other things, through a three-part parental insurance and that more people should be able to be guardians in families with more than two parents.

Freedom in Sweden 

Many LGBT people in the world have no opportunity to live freely. In some countries, LGBTQ people risk executions or public violations. People fleeing persecution due to sexual orientation or gender identity must have their asylum reasons taken seriously and given a sanctuary in Sweden. No one should have to be sent back to a country where it is criminal to be gay or transgender.

The rights of transgender persons must be strengthened in Sweden and the EU

All people have the right to be themselves. In recent years, the visibility of trans people in society has improved and knowledge and support for trans people has increased. Nevertheless, mental illness is still great. We are fighting for a modernized gender affiliation law that will differentiate the medical and legal process. Medical interventions are not required to have their gender affiliation recognized legally. We want to remove the 18-year limit for changing legal gender. We do not have politically determined age limits for other care, this does not mean that doctors do not make assessments in the individual case.

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