Equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities

Disability and Accessibility 

Society should be accessible to all

All people, regardless of functional variation or ability, should have equal rights and opportunities.

Accessibility and participation are human rights.

The environment party wants 

Well-functioning LSS

No person should have to end up in a situation where you do not know what life or everyday life will look like in the future. The Environmental Party has long been pushing for LSS legislation to be clarified so that people receive the support they need and are entitled to, which was the purpose of LSS from the beginning.

A more accessible Sweden 

All individuals are different and society should not just be designed for those who are the norm. The environmental party, together with Sweden’s total disability movement, has been a driving force in that inaccessibility is now classified as discrimination in Sweden. And we continue to be a driving force in our efforts to make Sweden accessible in practice.

Better financial support

The environmental party wants to improve the situation for those with disabilities who have been struggling financially. Anyone who does not have the ability to work should still receive financial support that can be lived on.

Better availability in the labor market 

Everyone deserves to participate fully in society, so jobs are an important part. We want to increase efforts so that more people with disabilities can get a job and that more people can work based on their own ability.

We also want to improve the conditions for social enterprises. It will be easier and faster to get the tools needed for the work. Employers should be able to be sure that they can receive good support if needed. 

Equality right in the EU

The Environment Party is working to bring the anti-discrimination directive that was previously halted finally into place in the EU and to strengthen the accessibility directive. We also want:

The environmental party rules

In government, we have made several efforts in 2014-2018 for everyone’s right to participate fully in society:

In a new government, we are now working for equal opportunities for all. For example, breathing and probe feeding should clearly represent a basic need for personal assistance.


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