Solving the power crisis NDC Ghana

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Solving the power crisis

Power is critical to the health and wealth of individuals and business in our country. Yes, we have had problems in this area but we have fixed it. We said we would and we did. That’s what we do – we deliver.

In the past four years we have provided electricity to an additional 2,861 communities approximately an additional 10m people have access to electricity now.  76% of the population has access to power.

Atuabo Gas Plant processes 120m cubic feet of gas per day and saves us 500 billion on imported fuel

And we have clear plans to growing massively our power output. We will become a regional provider of power and an exporter of power. Sometimes our greatest challenges are our biggest opportunities.

Africa has the potential to learn from the mistakes of other developed countries and we will be looking at alternative sources of power. Power that is cheaper and better for our planet.

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