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Just as everyone is right

All people should have the right and freedom to express their love, sexuality and identity. We never give up from that. 

Equal rights for all should be a matter of course.

The environment party wants 

  • that all people should be treated equally regardless of gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation,
  • that the law should be adapted to suit all families, regardless of whether children grow up with one, two or more adults,
  • adapt family policy to gender neutral and strengthen the rights of star families;
  • strengthen the right of asylum for LGBTQ persons,
  • strengthen efforts for the mental health of trans people.

Anti-discrimination force 

Many LGBT people testify about discrimination, ignorance and poor treatment of care, school or other public bodies. We want to see strength in the discrimination against LGBTQ people. Work on the rights of LGBTQ persons, with special focus on the vulnerable situation of transgender persons, shall be intensively conducted at all levels.

Young LGBTQ people are entitled to free zones where they can be themselves, such as special meeting places or youth centers.

The Environment Party wants to introduce protection against hate and hatred for LGBTQ people in the EU. 

Better for star families

All children should have the same right to security, opportunities and respect, no matter what their family looks like. The heteronorm still prevails too often in family policy. We want to adjust family policy to make it more gender neutral. Among other things, through a three-part parental insurance and that more people should be able to be guardians in families with more than two parents.

Freedom in Sweden 

Many LGBT people in the world have no opportunity to live freely. In some countries, LGBTQ people risk executions or public violations. People fleeing persecution due to sexual orientation or gender identity must have their asylum reasons taken seriously and given a sanctuary in Sweden. No one should have to be sent back to a country where it is criminal to be gay or transgender.

The rights of transgender persons must be strengthened in Sweden and the EU

All people have the right to be themselves. In recent years, the visibility of trans people in society has improved and knowledge and support for trans people has increased. Nevertheless, mental illness is still great. We are fighting for a modernized gender affiliation law that will differentiate the medical and legal process. Medical interventions are not required to have their gender affiliation recognized legally. We want to remove the 18-year limit for changing legal gender. We do not have politically determined age limits for other care, this does not mean that doctors do not make assessments in the individual case.

Vote for stronger LGBT policy in EU elections: 

The environmental party wants:

  • states that refuse to follow common principles of democracy, the rule of law, human rights and protection of minorities should be able to quickly reduce or withdraw EU support.
  • introduce a criminal-law protection at EU level against hatred and incitement against LGBTQ persons and other minorities, similar to Sweden’s law on incitement against ethnic groups.
  • introduce an anti-discrimination directive and set aside money for work against discrimination.
  • extend the mandate and strengthen the resources of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency.

The environmental party rules

  • During our time in government, we have fought hard for the rights of LGBTQ people:
  • we change parental insurance to make it work better for star families,
  • we have set up a study on how parental presumption can be gender neutral, so that same-sex couples do not have to undergo kinship adoption to both become custodians,
  • The Swedish Migration Board has been commissioned to improve the LGBT skills of its staff,
  • transgender people are now finally included in the hate and hate crime act,
  • as the first country in the world, we are now making payments to transgender persons affected by the previous sterilization requirement in the Gender Equality Act,
  • we have improved the rules for when two people have children after one or both parents have changed their gender,
  • we have set up a large investigation into the living conditions of trans people, who have delivered many proposals that are now being prepared in the Government Offices,
  • single women have the right to insemination, and
  • we have simplified the rules for determining the paternity of children born through surrogacy.

Disability and Accessibility 

Society should be accessible to all

All people, regardless of functional variation or ability, should have equal rights and opportunities.

Accessibility and participation are human rights.

The environment party wants 

  • that the LSS Act is clarified so that people receive the support they are entitled to;
  • that the community becomes accessible to persons with mental or physical impairment,
  • counter the discrimination against people with disabilities in the labor market.

Well-functioning LSS

No person should have to end up in a situation where you do not know what life or everyday life will look like in the future. The Environmental Party has long been pushing for LSS legislation to be clarified so that people receive the support they need and are entitled to, which was the purpose of LSS from the beginning.

A more accessible Sweden 

All individuals are different and society should not just be designed for those who are the norm. The environmental party, together with Sweden’s total disability movement, has been a driving force in that inaccessibility is now classified as discrimination in Sweden. And we continue to be a driving force in our efforts to make Sweden accessible in practice.

Better financial support

The environmental party wants to improve the situation for those with disabilities who have been struggling financially. Anyone who does not have the ability to work should still receive financial support that can be lived on.

Better availability in the labor market 

Everyone deserves to participate fully in society, so jobs are an important part. We want to increase efforts so that more people with disabilities can get a job and that more people can work based on their own ability.

We also want to improve the conditions for social enterprises. It will be easier and faster to get the tools needed for the work. Employers should be able to be sure that they can receive good support if needed. 

Equality right in the EU

The Environment Party is working to bring the anti-discrimination directive that was previously halted finally into place in the EU and to strengthen the accessibility directive. We also want:

  • that an EU strategy for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities should have an impact in the Union.
  • states that refuse to follow common principles on human rights and protection of minorities should be able to quickly reduce or withdraw EU support.

The environmental party rules

In government, we have made several efforts in 2014-2018 for everyone’s right to participate fully in society:

  • Added an inquiry with the task of reviewing the LSS legislation, to ensure more effective interventions.
  • Amended the law to ensure that assistance is also provided for waiting time and preparedness, and temporarily suspended the two-year review of the assistance allowance.
  • Increased the guarantee allowance and reduced the tax on sickness and activity compensation and increased the housing allowance.
  • Added extra funds to the municipalities to enable them to increase the habilitation allowance and commissioned the LSS inquiry to review the issue of the habilitation allowance to make the form of the compensation more uniform in the municipalities.
  • Tighten legislation on lack of accessibility as discrimination, even to companies with smaller numbers of employees.
  • Improved pay support for people with disabilities, so that it becomes clearer to job intermediaries, employees and employers what support is available and how it can be used to strengthen people with disabilities and facilitate anchoring in the labor market.
  • Added a study that looks at the need for more appropriate and flexible interventions (for example, flex jobs) for those who have reduced work capacity as a result of disability or illness.

In a new government, we are now working for equal opportunities for all. For example, breathing and probe feeding should clearly represent a basic need for personal assistance.

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