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  1. Independent Electoral Commission – South Africa Voter app

With our official app, you can check, confirm or update your address, get election results, check your registration details, and find your voting station. You can also apply for a special vote, share key election moments, get answers to common questions and keep up to date via social media. Download the app for your device now to stay informed on elections.

Current features:

  • Check, confirm or update your address
  • View your registration details, including registration status and voting station information
  • Navigate to your voting station
  • Apply for a special vote
  • View your voter status, ward councillor and special vote status
  • Celebrate your vote
  • Share key election moments
  • View your candidates
  • Set your notification preferences for results
  • View news and information on the election processes, as they happen
  • View the IEC’s contact information and address
  • Report a voting station issue
  • Follow the IEC’s social media feeds on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with developments as they happen. 
  • The apps require internet connectivity and location service

  1. ANC Elections App

  • Campaign information – rallies, meetings and other events
  • Election news
  • Campaign material – manifesto, posters and pamphlets

  1. Frelimo APP

  • Consult the latest news
  • Read the Message from the President of Frelimo
  • View photo and video galleries
  • Consult Press Releases, Newsletter and other important documents
  • Useful and important party and country links
  • Contacts and Social Networks
  • Listen to the Frelimo Anthem
  • Start the member registration process directly by mobile phone
  • Consult bank accounts for donations

  1. Labour Conference

This application is to complement the Labour Party Conference event. The application has the full fringe and main talk listings included allowing you to:

  • Plan your agenda offline
  • Receive alerts 15 minutes before any of your favourite items are to begin
  • Give you a map to hand of where your event is to take place
  • Contains floorplans for the exhibition area to help navigate to specific locations internally
  • Browse the Google Map view to see all the venues being involved in Conference and by touching the pop up bubble you can also see what talks are taking place inside each of the venues
  • A number of MPs twitter accounts are also included as recommendations on who to follow during conference

  1. International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Management – Electoral Risk Management Tool

The Electoral Risk Management Tool (ERMTool) is designed to empower people to ensure peaceful and credible elections. Intended users are electoral management bodies, security sector agencies, civil society and other state and non-state actors. The ERMTool aims to build the user’s capacity to understand, analyze, and mitigate electoral risks.

The ERMTool can build users’ capacity to understand electoral risk factors, collect and analyze risk data, design prevention and mitigation strategies, and record the results of actions. The tool consists of three integrated parts.

A knowledge library describes in detail 36 electoral risk factors, both internal and external to electoral processes. An analytical instruments section allows users to create analytical models specific to a country or election, upload data to generate risk maps and trend charts, and create a register of risks and actions. The prevention module consists of a digital library with approximately 100 action points intended to inspire user in designing strategies to prevent and mitigate electoral risks, including election-related violence, at the different phases of the electoral cycle.

  • Agora Voting

Agora Voting lets parties open up the voting process to those outside the party structure, for instance allowing general supporters to vote for their preferred candidate, policy position or internal party rules. This helps support internal party democracy, which is a cornerstone of a party’s legitimacy and standing. Services like Agora Voting can also be combined with mail voting or in-person voting.

nVotes Allows voters cast their votes from a computer, tablet or smartphone with an intuitive web ballot.

Alaveteli Citizens use Alaveteli to request information, and the replies are recorded for all to see on the website. Historic requests, along with any resulting correspondence, are archived publicly online. This increases the availability of the requested information, and encourages transparency. Therefore, Alaveteli acts both as a useful tool for citizens, and as an advocacy tool for right-to-know campaigners. The project supports FOI websites around the world.

Appgree Can sift through the hundreds or thousands of opinions a group might have and find common ground among such a vast array of data – in a matter of minutes.

Callhub Voice and SMS Service to connect with your supporters

Candidate Cloud  Political parties use the Candidate Cloud platform to stay connected with members, and identify and turnout voters before, during and after the campaign.

CiviCRM Offers centralised constituent communications, builds and manages your donor base and membership. Full integration with WordPress, Drupal, Joola  Backdrop.

Codigital Way for large groups to generate, prioritize and refine ideas. Integrates with Intranets and Consumer Panels.

Crowdpac Crowdpac is a free platform with zero startup or monthly costs. Potential candidates can raise no-risk pledges and declared candidates collect donations directly linked to their campaign.

Crowdskout uses data analytics and a customer relationship management tool to search, segment, visualise, and analyze before taking action on complex issues, community outreach and voter mobilisation.

DemocracyOS Build proposals and be the change you want to see, allows debate on a platform and voting to make decisions.

demtools  Support groups working for democracy, open government, and citizen rights by collecting and managing data on citizens and providing a platform to connect with citizens and for civic education.

Dialogue Crowdsourcing platform for public participation

Discourse App for online party discussions with members

Dropbox Online file storage and sharing app

Ecanvasser manages canvassing activity from street level into databases that allows parties to track progress on canvassing and email voters.

Etherpad Collaboration tool that allows party members from different locations to work on a document at the same time.

Description: Facebook is an online social media tool that can be used to profile the party or individual leaders allowing for interaction with voters. 
Facebook Online social media tool that can be used to profile the party or individual leaders – allows for interaction with voters.

Facebook Analytics helps to analyse who is interacting with your Facebook page and website. Political parties use this app to create private networks to communicate and mobilise its voters.

Github used to involve the public in policy making and drawing up elections.

Google Analytics Helps collect information on who is visiting your website and to customise content for these visitors.

Hubdialer It allows a party to work with their volunteers to build home-based call centres.

Instagram App to share videos and pictures.

L2 Voter management and mapping app.

Loomio Allows members from different locations to discuss and debate issues.

Madison Tool for generating and discussing proposals and arriving at a decision through democratic decision making.

Mailchimp Helps build subscriber lists to target members and voters through emails.

Meetup Online tool that helps to facilitate offline meetings between groups of people. 

Metroquest Offers project and policy planning services.

Mumble Tool for virtual meetings

Oryggisventill Helps to create and run polls

Podio Project management tool

Publicstuff Tool to monitor citizens’ concerns and the response of government to these concerns.

Reddit Similar to an online newspaper with space for discussion and debate.

Signal Open source and secure messaging App.

Simply Voting Web based online voting system.

Slack A tool on organisation voter and internal communication.

Snapchat instant messaging tool used mainly by youth to share pictures and videos which disappear thereafter.

SurveyMonkey Online survey and polling tool.

Textizen Sends, receives, and analyses text messages .

Telegram Messenger Instant messaging app which is encrypted for individual and group messaging.

Trailblazer  Campaign software which helps to target specific voter groups by vote history, mobile canvassing and mapping.

Trello Tool to manage your workflow.

Twitter  Tool to reach voters instantly with core messages (tweets) and allows for discussion and debate.

WhatsApp  Secure instant messaging tool which allows for group and individual messaging.

Zilino Web-based solution for hosting online forums and participatory processes.

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