DRC Green Party Membership System of the Alliance of Congolese Ecologists

  1. Membership takes place at local committee offices closest to participants’ residencies, where a membership form is filled in. One cannot be a member of another political party
  2. It is then recorded in a membership register
  3. Payment must be made. A fixed amount is set by the National Directory which is the driving, directing and decision – making organ of the party.
  4. After membership is registered a compulsory “new party membership card is issued”.


  1. Be in possession of a membership card
  2. Be in good standing of contribution
  3. Participate assiduously in party activities
  4. Must have been active for one year in the jurisdiction of the body
  5. Subscription is compulsory and monthly. The rate is set by the National Management Board which is the executing organ of the party.

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