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Creating Ghana’s worth

The importance of our industrial sector cannot be underestimated. 30% of our GDP comes from industry. Our work in this area is the result of clear and careful strategic planning, aimed at making intelligent and prudent use of the resources available.

We are proud that we have been able to reduce our sugar imports and create 7300 jobs through the building of a sugar factory. The Kumasi shoe factory project has resulted in 200 jobs, while the Savannah cement factory has created employment for 2000 people.

Other projects such as Elmina fish processing factory and the business processing outsourcing centre have resulted in the creation of over 12 000 jobs.

It is clear that our efforts are yielding results. We are getting people to work, connecting our farmers, fishermen and manufacturers with their customers and increased markets and through this, creating a legacy of growth, development and prosperity.

Our work has just begun. Our vision for the years to come is to build a strong, self-sufficient economy, carrying the fruits of our people’s labour to all of Ghana and beyond.

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