ANC Policy Making

Enhancing the policy-making process through establishing a policy institute with capacity and resources to drive research, policy development, coordination of policy sub-committees and monitoring and evaluation. Implementing legislation for publicly funded political party institutes or foundations to support the role parties play in issues of governance.



  • Our reliance on government and outside experts to develop and refine policies, especially in complex areas such as economic and social development. Our analysis that not all policies are implemented and that many are lost along the way.
  • The fact that we do not have an effective system, to allow comrades in the executive to account to the organization for progress and delays in implementation
  • Our inability to effectively monitor and account for progress, as well as the impact of our policies.


  1. That the Policy Institute be set up as a matter of urgency as in previous conference resolutions
  2. That the Policy Institute is given the capacity and the resources needed to drive research, policy development, coordination of NEC Policy sub-committees, and monitoring and evaluation.
  3. That the PI works closely with political education to school our deployees and our structures in ANC policy to strengthen implementation, our ability to communicate and monitoring capacity at all levels
  4. That we explore legislation in Parliament for publicly funded political party institutes or foundations that enable parties to play an improved role in issues of governance 

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