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  • That the ANC has close to 1 million members at most times, but many are not active in their branches
  • The buying of members who never become active in the work of the ANC
  • The unreliable and slow membership card system
  • Decline in quality and discipline
  • The profile of our membership and the lack of a multi-class membership with representation of all the motive forces
  • The fact that most of our members are not active, politically trained or under the direct discipline of the organisation


  1. Instructs the NEC to oversee the urgent implementation of a modernized, technologically-enabled membership system that will speed up the delivery of membership cards, allow for electronic membership renewal and discourage gatekeeping. The membership list should be on the cloud and available to any executive member.
  2. In line with the Polokwane resolution, resource branches, including implementing the resolution to allocate a portion or the whole membership fee to branches. 
  3. Branch and membership audits should be done in the presence of duly mandated BEC representatives.
  4. Members should have a 3 months probation period and membership should be for two years.
  5. Every branch should have a recruitment strategy to target all sectors of society and different motive forces.
  6. Conference maintained the current criteria for membership, and did not agree on the proposals for different categorisation of membership. 

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