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IImplementing a sound process for the selection of candidates as public representatives through: focusing on the qualities required for public representatives; ensuring they act as representatives of the people not of the party, and are upstanding citizens with broad-based support; and ensuring selection practices are not skewed allowing for the screening of candidates.



  • The need to deploy ANC cadres with the qualities outlined in Through the eye of a Needle as MPs, MPLs and councilors
  • That the confidence in our public representatives is often undermined by their lack of capacity, values and ability to represent the people effectively and to oversee the work of government
  • That selection of candidates is often influenced by personal, business and other vested interests, rather than the qualities needed, or the support the person enjoys from the local community
  • People who are popular in the ANC rather than the community, often win our nomination process


  1. Our representatives act as representatives of the people, not only the ANC, and must therefore enjoy good standing in the community
  2. Ward candidates especially must be upstanding citizens and enjoy broad support before being nominated
  3. The Electoral commission must revise the selection guidelines to overcome some of the manipulative practices such as parachuting candidates by PECs and RECs, influencing screening committees and packing community meetings.
  4. The Electoral commission must develop the capacity to screen candidates up to ward level.

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