ANC Org Systems Accountability

The role of regional governance committees in monitoring and directing political parties in local government and providing a space for accountability between councillors and the party structures serving the same people.

27. REGION, SUB-REGION/ZONE  (Accountability and decision-making


  • That we have municipal government close to ANC branch structures, often controlled and directed only by regional secretaries or regional governance committees, and ANC caucuses
  • That we should strengthen the accountability to local structures that have to account for and deal with the consequences of work we do in local government


  1. In metros the REC governance committee directs and coordinates work in government and organisation in the metro area. Outside metros, sub-regions coordinate work in municipal area
  2. Sub-regions and municipalities: Regional governance committee and secretary playing stronger role in monitoring and directing ANC in local government. Implement principle in constitution that Sub-regions should be developed to coordinate ANC work in a municipal area and its governance committee should serve as a space for accountability between the councillors and the ANC structures serving the same people. The REC should be represented with MP/L on the governance committee which should also include the troika. An extended governance meeting can be held regularly with all councillors and representatives from branches attending.



  1. Policy and monitoring coordinator in each province
  2. Election and campaign coordinator in every province

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