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Category: Economic growth

These resources will support green and social democratic parties to develop their party policies in different policy areas.

Economic growth

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand: Economic Policy (EN)
New Zealand Labour Party: Economy and Finance (EN)
Analysis of Economic Growth (PORT)
Analysis of Economic Growth (EN)
Towards a green economy (EN)
Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals (PORT)
Sustainable Development Goals Objectives (FR)
Last updated June 2020
Swedish Social Democratic Party Entrepreneurship Policy
Last updated June 2020
Swedish Social Democratic Party Research Policy
Last updated July 2019
Swedish Social Democratic Party Economy Policy
May 2016
Towards Economic Inclusivity and Prosperity (EN)
Australian Labor Party A Fair Go for Australia (EN)
Green Party UK Economy (EN)
Creating Ghana's worth - National Democratic Congress of Ghana (EN)
Economic Growth - Creating a prosperous future for all(EN)
Analysis of economic growth (FR)
Swedish Green Party Programme(EN)
Towards a green economy(EN)
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